That Girl in a Mirror

That Girl in a Mirror

She was a caring daughter and a sister. Always helping out her siblings with trivial nick knacks.
Bailing them out. At the beck and call of her parents and elders. A dutiful wife and daughter in law.
And now a mother too. Bound by the hustle bustle of a married life.
She never gave the professional life a daylight break.
Everyone was very okay with this girl in the mirror, as their needs were fulfilled and catered to.

The family and friends basked in the warmth spread around. The years rolled.
The in laws passed on, the children grew up, the families became nuclear.  
The receding hairlines, the greying crescent hair dos, (that much only was left on the balding heads),
Was being a silent witness.

Now, the family wonders: - what the bloody hell did this woman do all her life.?
She has wasted her education. No graphs of professional ladders scaled. No social status with the big-wigs in town.
No technical know-how. Needed analogy of recipes or maids or milkman or moron…

My Winter Stay in Bangalore

Hello Friends, Strictly Only to the Non Vegetarian Ones,
To a person settled in Mumbai for the last 22 odd years, Bangalore winters can be really mean.
@Suresh Sanyasi,  my brother told me to look up #@LiciousFoods and I will not feel abandoned. Out of pure boredom, I did just that. And true to his word,, a feel of comfort enveloped my temporary single existence, in Chilly Bangalore.
As I went through the eye captivating pictures on #Licious, my hungry stomach drooled. And I could not resist but order my favorites from the varied spread available. I had to silence my growling stomach, is it not?  Or else, what will my new neighbors think?
Though I’m not a techie or any device geek, downloading the #Licious phone app was very simple. Looked out for the nearest outlet and ordered away.
In less the promised delivery time, my #Licious man was at my door, asking for me by my name. This , I’m saying, because, now,  to everyone I’m only Suresh Sanyasi’s sister from Mumbai.
Yeah..yeah… the surpri…

The Little Red Riding Hood

The Little Red Riding Hood

I Got up. Walked to the nearest window. Looked outside. What do I see? A great view.
The view I saw outside my window, took me back to my pre primary classroom. Many decades ago. Exactly like…. Once upon a time…..

I loved that time when our teacher, Mrs. Hicks brought in the big fat book of Fairy Tales. She would read to us one tale after another with so much of animation in her voice, that I always sailed into another world. A world of fairies, pixies and demons, elves, gnomes and goblins. The characters stepped out of Mrs. Hicks books and did all the things her voice led them to perform. A beautiful play. And in the middle of the entire drama, sat a little, young and innocent ME, taking in every word and sigh, Mrs Hicks brought out.  Believing and absorbing every word and visualising the characters prancing around me in their colourful costumes.

Just to mention a few of my favourites.. Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Rapunzel, The Three Lit…

Water Water Everywhere

Surprisingly...water was a difficult thing to write about. such a common commodity,found all around and, spoken so much about it. Uff !!  Gave my mind something to chew aabout for the whole day. 

Generally I don't google for info, but today I did.
And this is what I found....
Water molecules form hydrogen bonds with each other and are strongly polar. ... Its hydrogen bonding causes its many unique properties, such as having a solid form less dense than its liquid form, a relatively high boiling point of 100 °C for its molar mass, and a high heat capacity. Density: 1 g/cm³ Boiling point: 99.98 °C Formula: H2O Melting point: 0 °C Molar mass: 18.01528 g/mol IUPAC ID: Water, Oxidane Because water seems so ubiquitous, many people are unaware of the unusual and unique properties of water, including: ·         Boiling Point and Freezing Point. ·         Surface Tension, Heat of Vaporization, and Vapor Pressure. ·         Viscosity and Cohesion. ·         Solid State.

My Autobiography

My Autobiography
Hi guys…
I am lazing on the banks of a lazy river meandering about the terrains of a hot village in Karnataka.
 My eyes are half open, as I keep a watch on what’s happening around me. The water is lapping at my cheeks, making the heat bearable. The fishes are gossiping about the village women who took a dip in the river to bathe during the early hours of the day. Naughty fishes, I must say. Must be the males… Hehehe… typical..!!
What caught my attention, how-ever, was a young chap in red-checked  boxers, and chappals with the heels worn off, skipping away to the nearest  post box to drop in a letter to his married sister residing in the distant city.
He was sweating profusely, and not a tree in sight to shelter him from the scorching heat. My heart went out to him. ''Poor fellow,'' I thought.
As I continued to laze about, nicely, comfortably, lying in my double bed, very much within my comfort zone, the sights in front of me were not very comfortable.
I witn…

Three things that I will burn this weekend…..

Three things that I will burn this weekend…..
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
Whoa !! what a weekend it’s going to be. Just the thought is giving me so much of a calm and soothing effect.
Let's see, what’s at the brim of my mind to be burnt, at the behest of this week’s WOW.(Write Over the Weekend)   Hmmmmmm…………………
Ok, so, here goes……
Burn the dance floor. Oh ! What a fantastic Friday Night it would be. To be held in the arms of a person you love. To groove away endlessly to the music which transfers you from the spectacled, straight-faced, duty bound, workaholic secretary to a happy, carefree girl deeply in love. Seems like the DJ knows you are here to rock n roll.
Without caring two hoots to the week gone by or the one which is yet to come. Swaying to the slow beats and progressing to the high tempo-ed  JHINGAA-LA-LA HO types. Leaves you panting and sweating, yet yearning for more and as if on cue, he spins another disc an…

The horror story of the mountains in space .. I am blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate .

The horror story of the mountains in space
I am blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at <a href="">BlogAdda </a> in association with <a href="">Colgate </a>.

Story making is an art, just like any other art form. To some it’s an inbuilt mechanism whereas some others need a Vroom- a start-up kit. Mothers are a natural pro at this, with the built-in app. To feed, bathe, soothe , or put the  infant to slumber… a new wave of imagination weaves forth effortlessly. Children then carry the story-telling- baton forward.

Here’s a bit of the imaginative weave from a Big Brother to a Baby Sister….from Anirudh to Anandita.

Once upon a time, long-long ago, there was this planet where no man had dared to go. On this unknown planet, the only occupants were  Mr. GREENAPPLE PIE and Miss.CAVITY DRILLER. They were surrounded by rotting mountains and slippery walls.

 Inside, it was as dark as it could possibly get an…