A Father's Daughter


A father’s daughter is always a princess.
But does the daughter realize?
From clean cotton langots to outrageous lingerie,
From goo goo ga gaa to foreign language classes,
From basic varan-bhaat to unimaginable Japenese//Vietnamese cuisines,
From toddlers den to the convocation halls,
Not to mention the rise and fall of a running race or a cycle race

The number of wailing nights caused by the broken dolls
Uff,, how can one forget the broken hearts to be mended??
Each time her heart breaks…the father’s hearts bleeds.
Each wretched salty tear wretches his gut.
He will move the earth to bring back that sunshine on her face.
A happy daughter makes a happy father
Now, wait a minute,,,,
Is the precious princess aware of the father’s doings??
Never did bat an eyelid  to wonder, how her dreams always came true,
Never did notice the crease on the forehead nor the blisters on the feet,
Dancing away to glory, in her own fairy tale fable,
Snuggles down into her own nest, her eggs and brood,
The fairy tale continues,
Now, the old and feeble father, at the pews,
Praying and hoping ,
The fairy tale continues.

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