Breaks, breaches and heart aches

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Breaks,  breaches and heart aches
Relationships ?  Glass ? Earthen ware ? Mirror ? Heart ? Health ? Couriers ?
Whatever….Cello-tape, masking tape, M-seal, doctors, medicines across the counter, white lies or deceit.
 Heard people saying--Problems have an equal number of solutions. Do they?    
 A broken heart can never be mended. A void which is never filled. Sleepless nights and puffy-eyed mornings. Such is the journey of life. Or so it seems. Trust is something you need to build, again and again, especially when it seems to slip so often.

Dawn happens with an extra blast of sunshine and gusty winds. This blows away the melancholy dreams. Every new day has a new way. Its gods voice calling to those who want to hear and follow. He sure knows the routes to meander along so, close your eyes and go by your instincts; God is never known to have error-ed.

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