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Hello out there!! Just a brief description of myself… slim, tall and beautiful. A rowdy mass of curly locks, overflowing my shoulders and resting around my tiny waist.  Famous or rather infamous for my characteristic wild flying temper, engulfing any ill-fated soul crossing my path. 

Coming from a well to do family, had all my needs taken care of. In fact, taken care to that extent, which made me an insufferable companion.Friends nicknamed me , A Snob,
‘'Gauri’s head in air’’
I hated parent teacher meeting, because it brought my Kannada-speaking mother in the presence of my---highly sophisticated--- English speaking convent teachers, the -- nose- in- the- air- types. Being an extremely sooper-good cook, mother, always thought, the way to a teachers heart, is through the stomach. Neatly packed some Bisibele Bhaath , to be passed around the staff room tables, at  school.   GOSH!! Totally unbelievable!! How on earth can my mother do such things?? Hope this episode has skipped the classmates’ roving eyes.!
All the teachers loved n pampered me. Seriously, cannot come to any conclusion, whether, my mother’s  Bisibele Bhaath did it or was it my intelligence?

Miss Snooty Me, did well at the Ramp, anyways, that’s what a show stopper is for..is’nt she? Seen at all the stage shows, teamed with the hunks for the plays, as the lead pair. Bagged all the Antakshari awards, Debates, One minute talk shows and the rest.
 Oh,!  What a riot we created!! ...winning all the way!!  
Got through college with flying colors.. . Placed in my dream job too.! 

Mother continued to pamper anyone who she thought needed to be fed.
I stepped out into the big bad world. All set to face the wolves
The steady, silent spectator to all my tantrums is a simple saree clad lady, whose two strong sturdy-shoulders, always ready to absorb a tear or two, or just act as a warm cozy comfortable cushion, to ease a worried head. Always ready to lend a patient ear to all my blabber, who else? But of course, My Darling Mother.

I started to jot down on paper all that passed my vocal cords. My job as a script writer in this movie hungry nation was not a cake walk. Bollywood never sleeps. Nor do I. Step by step, climbed this notorious ladder, avoiding all the couches. My air, attitude and acid tongue pulled me out of the ruts, many a time.

A hectic week ahead, deadlines, tight schedules, meetings, travels and not to mention -- the enormous work load !! On a continuous war path with the travel agents, the airlines, Patrick - my poor poker-faced driver, Manu the maid who carried out all the mundane jobs, Gary the  gardener,  Swapna the sweeper, and who so ever crossed my path. 

 In the middle of all this highly chaotic confusion, can hear the drone of a voice, calling Gauri. Telling her the rooster heralds the start of the day.
 And it’s time to GET SET and Go !! Life couldn’t get any better., No?
Now,Is this the  ‘Writer’s Wildest Dream Come True’  Scene?

 post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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