A Special Woman

A Special Woman

“I’m blogging for the India Today Woman Summit 2015 #WomenPower activity at BlogAdda.”

 Namaskar !!

The only way to know a woman’s wish is to give her a voice….and believe me…a woman has a loud voice, when she is given an opportunity to voice her opinion!
She may be a house wife, an ill-literate or just a nobody. Nature has wired her up in such a way, that her intuitions work right, more than half the time. It’s just her gut feelings. Her inner instinct. Her power. Believe in her and follow her,,,you will never go wrong. No repents, here.
She maybe your mother, grandmother, mother in law, wife, sister, daughter or daughter in law.  TRY HER !!
‘Do women want to be treated specially or equally? – Do men know the difference?’.
I am totally a Be Indian and Buy Indian type. A special treatment is what I strongly believe in. I like my man to look after me, feed me, clothe me and shelter me. In return, I will take care of his parents, his house, his stomach, bear him children, and make the best of his earnings to live the most luxurious life possible. And maybe a tad more.
Having a good education certainly helps a woman. It is said, a man is given education…the man learns. Whereas, when a woman is given education, her family learns. The nation learns.
Preference for sons over daughters is stated as the No.1 reason for sex selective abortions in India. Is this not because, people already know that women need that special touch?  Right from the time of conception, man is curious to know, whether that lucky embryo is a male or a female. The woman she is going to grow up to be is special. Many a times in India we wonder which one works better? Are we to help women who have lived under the patriarchal system for so long? Or must we completely shed off the power-play and bring an equilibrium in the balance of power? We don’t really know. But, the core answer to gender disparity lies in answering these questions. Now, ‘What does the woman want?’ This isn’t an easy question to answer. Or is it? . A number of countries with highly educated women still have low levels of female labor force. Why is this so?

India Today is organizing Woman Summit where influential women will speak and have colorful discussions around the topic of gender equality.   Now, who is this woman who stands up to air her views in public? Someone’s wife, mother or daughter, I’m sure.   
Every man likes this bold and independent, modern -day woman. The one who is takes the center stage and talks against all that is anti social. But, In his heart of hearts…, this same man,wants that outspoken woman to be someone else's wife. Not his!!
Again, I vehemently voice my opinion, that every woman is special, and needs to be treated as such. And every man knows it.

Dhanyavad !!

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