How Sunitha celebrates blogging

Hello folks…here’s Sunitha’s version of celebrating blogging. “I am writing for #WIN15 – BlogAdda’s Blog Awards on how to #CelebrateBlogging! You should too!”

 Like a 6month old baby, tumbling and turning from back to tummy and tummy to back, in a nice and comfy crib, this baby Sunitha, who is 6 weeks old at Blogadda, is doing the same.

Currently,active only with the weekly WOW (write over weekend) activities, has visions which are far-flung. And, just like a toddler, taking sure and steady steps. 
One thing at a time, sweet Sunitha, that’s all I’m asking of you.

 Monday mid-morning milestones attained, when the WOW results are displayed. Collecting and showing off badges on the way. Learning a lesson or two here and there. Absolutely sure, the articles are getting better by the week, as shows the ranking numbers – from a lowly rank of 16 to a moderate rank of 6!

Hubby and kiddos joining in the celebrations and rejoicing!! What more can celebration mean?

Definitely, the ultimate, when the entire family joins in, for the DHAMAAL!! Making memories along the way! Monday’s dinners are always out, filling up beer mugs and chilling out at its best. Cheesy pizzas, sizzling brownies, salty french fries and soda lemon ginger pops!!   


An outing with buckets of spicy popcorn and iced coke, sitting, cozy, arm in arm, in darkened halls. I’m never the one to miss the latest flick.


In addition, a romantic-late night long drive on Navi Mumbai's Palm Beach Road, our very own--  Queens Necklace!

Family chimes out---- We want another one, just like the previous one !!

Can you even assess, the volume of celebrations in store?

 BOUNTIFULL… I’ll vouch !!


“I am writing for #WIN15 – BlogAdda’s Blog Awards on how to #CelebrateBlogging! You should too!”

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