‘Inspiration is within’

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                                                         ANOTHER FEATHER IN MY CAP !!

 ‘Inspiration is within’

  Ever seen a caterpillar?  Or a pupa?  Just close your eyes and imagine for a minute.

Caterpillar : busy gnawing away leaf after leaf after leaf. Not at all bothered , whether it is raining, pouring or the sun is shining, scorching or sizzling up the whole  world. Its sole aim is to feed itself.

Pupa : snoozing away to gods own glory. Nicely hiding under the chosen lucky leaf. Snug and safe.

 Along the journey of life, of this blessed caterpillar, joins the inspirer. 

An inspirer, need not always be GOD, in any form. Could be the DEVIL too! It is up to you, to feel the royal sting of the “TAMACHA”.
 Stare around yourself, with your eyes and mouth wide open. Take a full, whole minute--Wondering: what hit you so hard, to jolt you up, from such deep slumber?

Now, emerges the beautiful n sexy Butterfly!!  But, HOW?

 Peek a boo – on what happens inside that thudding thing called: HEART (later transmitted to the BRAIN)

Anger inspires. Hurt inspires. Guilt inspires. Fear inspires. Neglect inspires. Poverty inspires.

After the onslaught of a series of emotions that wrack your body, brain and peace of mind, you tend to sit up straight. Assess people and a whole lot of situations, you were sleeping through. Things you were not wary of. Now you want to turn around and give them back a piece of their own cake, with perhaps, a cherry on top.

With a plan chalked out in your head, and with a ram rod for a back bone, you march forward to show the Devil—You Can And You Will.

 It’s a war! Do or die! The burning desire To do something that will give you the power to make a mark in this world!  And surely the winner is known. 

Lo and behold!  The proud owner of a new YOU is looking back at you, all smiles.
Now, you are satisfied. 
Alls well that ends well.

(Tamacha is a tight slap across your face. Causing a hot, burning sensation on the cheek. Sometimes bringing tears in the eyes too.)

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