SachchiAdvice--- our inner voice

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SachchiAdvice--- Our Inner Voice.

Being a person from Bangalore, have visited many a home during Ganapati Festival. As kids, we used to make a vow, to visit eleven Ganapati Pandals every year. Each one of us would carry a bag with eleven bright red hibiscus flowers, as offerings. (Believed to be Gana-Bappa’s favorite flower) and also,  that the number eleven is maintained. It is auspicious, no? that’s why !!

Ok. Here is secret no:1. This Elephant God made people pass their exams. No matter how well you have studied or not opened the text book pages, for that matter. Now, the second secret…we loved the black channa ‘’soondal’’ garnished with scraped coconut and coriander leaves,  and the heavily stuffed modaks, dipped in pure desi ghee. 
Both worked. 
Passed all exams in life so far and ate up all the yummy stuff served as Prasad. Walked around the area in search of the eleven Pandals and digested everything that was consumed.
Now, settled in Mumbai. Every second house has a Ganpati idol. Numerous committees and associations are set up for carrying out the celebrations. So much Dhoom and so much Dhaam. Eleven Ganpati count will be accomplished within just one mere housing complex.

Ganapati festival in Mumbai is by far the best one I have witnessed so far.

Now, my vow, every year is to visit the King of all Bappas…. The famous Lalbaugh Cha Raja. The queues here are more than serpentine. Time taken will be not less than 8 to 9 hours. Not to forget the sudden downpours, which is sure to drench you to the skin. And sometimes the over enthusiastic devotees bringing about a human stampede.  But this does not dampen my spirits to make my yearly visit.

VIP PASSES are made available to the well connected citizens of Mumbai. 

Wow!! This is great news. Can make an entry via some unknown route, touch the Lord’s feet and get back in 15 minutes flat. Surely God will bless you more, as you get to even touch His feet! 

Now, wait a minute.
Is this short-cut darshan the right thing to do? Does it have any sanctity? Will God still listen to me and answer all my prayers? 
My spiritual mind and my aged physical body are at war. 

Fixed!! In a real fix!

Now’s when the fine art of life which is hidden in the smallest and the most innocent experiences in our growing up years, is flash-backed.
What is taught by our elders, comes to our rescue. So who is the one who acts like a guiding force during such times to help us make a right and a reliable choice? 
Surprisingly….. whose #SachchiAdvice do we hear?



Decision taken. No more dilemma. No short cuts.
Here we are. In the serpentine queues.  Bearing the downpours.  Facing the stampede.

Totally Blessed and satisfied to the core. Ganapati Bappa Mourya!!

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda

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