When your dreams take a turn into a reality.

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When your dreams take a turn into a reality.

After a rather hectic day, sat with my cuppa, to beat away the weariness and unwind the train of thoughts, all jumbled up.

Sorted out half the issues, of course, mentally and left the rest for another time. Now, its time for the brats to get back. Snacks all freshly made. Bath-towels, play clothes and shoes kept ready. Took a deep breath, to face the on coming bickering of the brats. And there it was…..!! He pulled my hair and she did that and he did this. 


Later, I sat with their homework and assessments to be completed. Just to check that nothing is left out. Clear a few doubts and explain certain pages, which they did not understand because of their wandering concentration in class.

Totally engrossed with my task on hand, something, at the corner of my eye, caught my attention. What was it? Or rather who was it?

A cherubic face, with bright, sparkling, wide round eyes, overflowing with curiosity, was all ears to my rumblings on the topic from the textbook.

Now, it was my turn to get curious. Called this child inside, and inquired his whereabouts. He turned out to be my maid’s son who loved to listen in on us, while his mother completed her chores. To my astonishment, he had picked up a reasonable measure of knowledge though his attendance was irregular.(and without my knowing of his presence!)  Always hyped-up with the problems in my life, I had never glanced beyond. 


My insides turned to realize there were less fortunate ones around me and my miseries were only ballooned up in my head. Old memories of me playing teacher-teacher rushed across my mind. Those days, I never had an audience, but I dreamt, I was the brilliant teacher teaching a class full of brilliant students. These dreams always flowed in and out of my head and never stood still. 

Today, out of the blue, decided to include a few more kids just to see if my, being a teacher dreams could come true. And they did!! The kids are happy. the kid's mummies’ are happy.
And my happiness knows no bounds. Inspiration is drawn from different sources. You never know when your dreams take a turn into a reality.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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