– ‘Bittersweet October’-


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                                               – ‘Bittersweet October’-

Tumbling out of bed, with ruffled hair, creased fore head and glasses poised on the bridge of his nose. This is how you will find Grandpaa every morning! After a brief freshening up session, you can find him in the lawn, sipping his cuppa, and the calender lying beside him. Open to anyone who wants to peep in,,,but dare not touch it. He is highly possessive and he can bite off your hand, in case you get too close.

This calender, gives Grandpaa, his daily dose of astrology, good days and bad days. Good time and bad time on any given day of the year. and a lot more, (which actually I don’t understand much !) This sounds like a strange language altogether.

Grishma, Varsha, Shishir, Basant, Sharad, Patjhad,….
And the vocabulary goes on…….  :)

Now the moon is passing through the month of OCTOBER- 2015
Grandpaa knows that October has off-season rains, thunder and lightning storms (without rains) People fall sick. Pitru Maas happens, i.e. when we offer our sorry-s and thank you-s to the departed elders of the family. The bitter-sweet memories of the loved ones. The love they have received and the fights they have fought.

October continues….

Festivities do not stop,,, Enters Mother of all energies…Maa Durga in all her avtaars, over a period of the famous NAVRATRI..:- meaning nine nights. This includes, a dance form called the Garba, adorning themselves with extremely colourful clothes, just as bright accessories and kind of rock and rolling to the beats of the Dhol.
You should know a Gujarati family at this time of the year, to get the full essence of the Navratri !!

Not to forget the important days in his vast social circle – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and the due dates of the yet-to-be-borns, .Grandpaa’s calendar is marked with various coloured sketch pens. 

2015  has begun and all ready to finish. Just as the sun rises and sets. Happenings happen, coz time and tide wait for no man. No one can change the past or foresee the future.  Grandpaa makes his calculations based on a bit of mathematics, physics and loads of his life time experiences. Some turn accurate and others go for a toss. But nothing can erase the bitter sweet memories etched in the minds and hearts, made throughout the entire year.
Learn from the past and  get ready for 2016. Nothing is good and nothing is bad.
Bitter and sweet go hand in hand. This is life’s  journey. Bye Bye 2015 and Hi   2016.
We are ready and waiting. Come on.!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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