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One Dreadful Dengue type of viral fever!


One Dreadful Dengue type of viral fever!
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. ‘Writer, Coffee Shop, and a Broken Pencil’

Writer- Ninad …

Coffee shop-his school…

Broken pencil-his illness….

Don’t we writers love to sit with our implements, with a thermos by the side and weave yards and yards of tantalizing tales? Well, here’s one….

Ninad, a bright spark Needs no second telling Always, alert and up-to-date Loves his school and everything within, Be it Chess cheese chalks and chatter! With exams round the corner, Books and study time table, all in order! Privileged are the schools, parents and teachers To have Ninad’s name under their banner! A bolt from the blue, strikes, One Dreadful Dengue type of viral fever! Bringing the fevers, shivers, coughs and colds. Yucky vomits across the scrolls Thus sending the Bright Spark Ninad home! All the efforts gone in vain Late night studies, down the drain! Born a fighter, will fight the fevers, shi…