My Autobiography


My Autobiography

Hi guys…

I am lazing on the banks of a lazy river meandering about the terrains of a hot village in Karnataka.

 My eyes are half open, as I keep a watch on what’s happening around me. The water is lapping at my cheeks, making the heat bearable. The fishes are gossiping about the village women who took a dip in the river to bathe during the early hours of the day. Naughty fishes, I must say. Must be the males… Hehehe… typical..!!

What caught my attention, how-ever, was a young chap in red-checked  boxers, and chappals with the heels worn off, skipping away to the nearest  post box to drop in a letter to his married sister residing in the distant city.

He was sweating profusely, and not a tree in sight to shelter him from the scorching heat. My heart went out to him. ''Poor fellow,'' I thought.

As I continued to laze about, nicely, comfortably, lying in my double bed, very much within my comfort zone, the sights in front of me were not very comfortable.

I witnessed an old woman carrying the afternoon’s lunch pack to her husband and son working in the fields near-by. She was sweating profusely, and not a tree in sight to shelter her from the scorching heat. 
My heart went out to her.

I lay, within my comfort levels, on the banks of the river, the water cooling me off from the heat.

Are comfort zones good or bad?

As the day dragged on, many more images of people and animals suffering the heat of the summer was tugging at the strings of my heart and conscious. I needed to bring myself out of my comfort zone to help my fellow living creatures.  And I did just that.

Now, Out Of My Comfort Zone.

My skin is peeling and making way for my legs to show. I pulled my legs out from my double bed and placed it firmly into the mud packed on the banks of the river.
 Later my hands made way to grow towards the sky. As I grow, I branch out far and wide, giving shade to humans and animals. I also bear flowers and fruits. I provide food and shelter to the needy, a place to build houses to protect birds and animals from predators and the unfavorable climate.
 I bring about precipitation and prevent global warming.

 And so much more.

Oh! By-the-way, the human beings have named my legs..Radicles. And my hands are known as the Plumule. And my comfortable double bed is the Cotyledons.


Now, that i am out of my comfort zone and helping the planet Earth in so many ways, I can surely say that getting out of the comfort zone helps you prosper and grow without limitations.

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