The horror story of the mountains in space .. I am blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate .

The horror story of the mountains in space

I am blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at <a href="">BlogAdda </a> in association with <a href="">Colgate </a>.

Story making is an art, just like any other art form. To some it’s an inbuilt mechanism whereas some others need a Vroom- a start-up kit. Mothers are a natural pro at this, with the built-in app. To feed, bathe, soothe , or put the  infant to slumber… a new wave of imagination weaves forth effortlessly. Children then carry the story-telling- baton forward.

Here’s a bit of the imaginative weave from a Big Brother to a Baby Sister….from Anirudh to Anandita.

Once upon a time, long-long ago, there was this planet where no man had dared to go. On this unknown planet, the only occupants were  Mr. GREENAPPLE PIE and Miss.CAVITY DRILLER. They were surrounded by rotting mountains and slippery walls.

 Inside, it was as dark as it could possibly get and cold, smelly, slime-y, worm-y, and atrociously            ‘’un-visit able ‘’. Mr. GREENAPPLE PIE and Miss. CAVITY DRILLER  were busy drilling holes in the mountains and making the place as rotten as possibly possible.

The walls and mountains could take the torture no longer. They sent out distress signals to anybody who could save them from the ghastly clutches of the two deadly space demons-- Mr. GREENAPPLE PIE  and Miss. CAVITY DRILLER. The signals were loud, clear and piercingly sharp, sent from their secret device called Delminator 49XX.

SAVE US .. Ohh… SAVE US….ANYONE…. Please Help Us….

SAVE US .. Ohh… SAVE US…from these deadly monsters.

These ultra-sonic  S.O.S.  signal waves spread across the Milky Way and reached Princess FRESHBREATH and Prince  LONGLASTING. They mounted on their super-sonic TURBOBRUSH and sped away to rescue the walls and mountains of this unknown planet  in distress. They were armed with the most strongest weapon the COLGATE-PALMOLIVE to terminate the worst enemies called Mr. GREENAPPLE PIE  and Miss. CAVITY DRILLER.
Just simply kholo, dabao aur turbobrush pe lagao…….


Magic was created !

Lo and Behold !  This was a cake walk.

The rotting mountains on this unknown planet  were sparkling white again. Just like it was before the alien attacks began.
The slippery walls were pinky-pink and squeaky clean.
No more a smelly, slime-y, worm-y, and atrociously ‘’ un-visit able. ‘’ planet now
The “Magical Space Adventure’’ ends on a happily ever-after note.

Hail Princess FRESHBREATH and Prince  LONGLASTING.
USE COLGATE…. BAR BAR …….dishoom dishoom….

Our sincere thanks to our alien characters


                                                                 Miss. CAVITY DRILLER - Germs

Princess FRESHBREATH – Cavity Eroder

                                          Prince    LONGLASTING – Calci Lock Protecter

Rotting mountains – Teeth    and     Slippery walls-  Gums.

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