Three things that I will burn this weekend…..

Three things that I will burn this weekend…..

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Whoa !! what a weekend it’s going to be. Just the thought is giving me so much of a calm and soothing effect.

Let's see, what’s at the brim of my mind to be burnt, at the behest of this week’s WOW.(Write Over the Weekend)   Hmmmmmm…………………

Ok, so, here goes……

Burn the dance floor. Oh ! What a fantastic Friday Night it would be.
To be held in the arms of a person you love. To groove away endlessly to the music which transfers you from the spectacled, straight-faced, duty bound, workaholic secretary to a happy, carefree girl deeply in love. Seems like the DJ knows you are here to rock n roll.

Without caring two hoots to the week gone by or the one which is yet to come. Swaying to the slow beats and progressing to the high tempo-ed  JHINGAA-LA-LA HO types. Leaves you panting and sweating, yet yearning for more and as if on cue, he spins another disc and you are not in control of yourself. Looks like you are possessed by the spirits of the beats. 

Music has no language, nor does the movement of the body to the beats.
Dance away your Blues,, in the true sense and burn up the floors.

Hee-haw…. Hee-haw… I heard a donkey laugh. Have you ever heard one?                                            It is believed, that when a donkey laughs, your wishes come true. And I swear I heard the donkey laugh.

I pulled out a very pretty royal-blue frock tucked away at the back-most part of the wardrobe. I had outgrown this beautiful dress. Or rather, I shamelessly lied to people that it shrunk.

Now, on a whim, tried it on only to see that I have burned away the stubborn fat at all the wrong places because of which I needed to tuck away that very pretty royal-blue frock at the back-most part of my wardrobe. 
Oh, what immense joy burning fat can give !! Hence, I promised myself,, I’m going to burn up the rest of the stubborn-as-a-mule fat too. Hope to pull out a few more shrunken dresses.

A well-paid job. A handsome boyfriend. Weekends to burn up the dance floors. A body fat burning spree which enables me to adorn enviable attires. A bright and happy future. I have all that a pretty, young girl can ask for. 

But, something is knocking at the back of my mind. What is it that is bothering me but afraid to surface?

And now... finally…I can see it.

 Being a primaeval Indian at heart, my inner voice is calling out--- nazar lagegaa, kuch karo. (Evil eyes are on you. Protect yourself)

Oh My !! This is not me. How can I ever hear such nonsense? I’m a modern girl. I live in the 21st century. My inner self is so damn out-dated. It has no right to dampen my spirits and hopes for my successful, enviable future. 
The battle of voices continues. 
Finally, I fall prey to the inner voice. Mentally I run through the mazes of ancient memories of my childhood days at Granny’s place.

3 dried red chillies, 5 black peppercorns, 7 grains of crystal salt, 9 mustard seeds and a black woollen with 11 knots made in it. All this is to be placed in a new black muslin cloth and tied tightly with a black sewing thread. This potli is now to be placed on burning charcoal.

The pungent smoke emitted and wafted far away from me, will take away the ‘’evil eyes’’ or nazar. I have burned up the evils that were to befall.

Now I am free. I am liberated.

I carry a high flying- fluttering flag, stating I have the willpower to burn up the dance floor in order to burn my body fat so that I can fit into my pretty, skimpy outfits.


 I make no reference to me being a primaeval Indian at heart, and my inner voice calling out--- nazar lagegaa, kuch karo.,, because I’m a modern girl living in the 21st century.


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