Water Water Everywhere

Surprisingly...water was a difficult thing to write about.
such a common commodity,found all around and, spoken so much about it.
Uff !!  Gave my mind something to chew aabout for the whole day. 

Generally I don't google for info, but today I did.
And this is what I found....

Water molecules form hydrogen bonds with each other and are strongly polar. ... Its hydrogen bonding causes its many unique properties, such as having a solid form less dense than its liquid form, a relatively high boiling point of 100 °C for its molar mass, and a high heat capacity.
Density: 1 g/cm³
Boiling point: 99.98 °C
Formula: H2O
Melting point: 0 °C
Molar mass: 18.01528 g/mol
IUPAC ID: Water, Oxidane
Because water seems so ubiquitous, many people are unaware of the unusual and unique properties of water, including:
·         Boiling Point and Freezing Point.
·         Surface Tension, Heat of Vaporization, and Vapor Pressure.
·         Viscosity and Cohesion.
·         Solid State.
·         Liquid State.
·         Gas State.

And this is what I thought :   Do I have to update a primary kid? I’m sure he knows much more.

 Thus, imagined a few of my favorite things and penned them down…

Water Water Everywhere
Oh! Water give me a break.
You are here and you are there,
But when I need you the most
You are no longer there.
Do you know….
The joy I feel when I wash my feet after a tiring day,
I’m sure, You have no clue.
The pleasure I  create on making a big fat bubble, or
The melancholy it brings about on bursting one !
The laughter I hear along the roaring waves and
The sensational sentiments when I see the rainbows.
Those tiny droplets, shattering into a million pieces and
The pitter-patter on the window panes.
The basic aroma of the soaking soils,
The sights of dew-drops on the dark green waxy leaves.

Sigh !!

What will I do without you Dear Water? From where do I derive my tiny pleasures ?
Hoping you will not ditch me and walk away with the new entrant—Global Warming.
Me and my happiness are a perfect pair with you in our lives.


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