My Winter Stay in Bangalore

Hello Friends, Strictly Only to the Non Vegetarian Ones,

To a person settled in Mumbai for the last 22 odd years, Bangalore winters can be really mean.

@Suresh Sanyasi,  my brother told me to look up #@LiciousFoods and I will not feel abandoned. Out of pure boredom, I did just that. And true to his word,, a feel of comfort enveloped my temporary single existence, in Chilly Bangalore.

As I went through the eye captivating pictures on #Licious, my hungry stomach drooled.
And I could not resist but order my favorites from the varied spread available.
I had to silence my growling stomach, is it not?  Or else, what will my new neighbors think?

Though I’m not a techie or any device geek, downloading the #Licious phone app was very simple. Looked out for the nearest outlet and ordered away.

In less the promised delivery time, my #Licious man was at my door, asking for me by my name. This , I’m saying, because, now,  to everyone I’m only Suresh Sanyasi’s sister from Mumbai.

Yeah..yeah… the surprise treat part ….  I was offered a whopping 30% discount on my first order.

Was it not ‘’so sweet’’ a gesture.? Touched the strings. Heart, tummy or purse, I’m not sure.

Yeah , it did the trick. I cosy-ed up to the surprise welcome treat.
What a warm welcome to Bangalore during the harshest winters of December.
Now the chills of Bangalore does not seem so chill.

This was what was cooked up in due course, and slurped up too, in no time. More I’m sure will come up.
Will keep you all posted.

Thank you @Suresh Sanyasi, for the intro.
Thank you #Licious  for the   ‘’feel-full at all times’’   feeling.

For now, feast your eyes.

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