That Girl in a Mirror

That Girl in a Mirror

She was a caring daughter and a sister. Always helping out her siblings with trivial nick knacks.
Bailing them out. At the beck and call of her parents and elders. A dutiful wife and daughter in law.
And now a mother too. Bound by the hustle bustle of a married life.
She never gave the professional life a daylight break.
Everyone was very okay with this girl in the mirror, as their needs were fulfilled and catered to.

The family and friends basked in the warmth spread around. The years rolled.
The in laws passed on, the children grew up, the families became nuclear.  
The receding hairlines, the greying crescent hair dos, (that much only was left on the balding heads),
Was being a silent witness.

Now, the family wonders: - what the bloody hell did this woman do all her life.?
She has wasted her education.
No graphs of professional ladders scaled. No social status with the big-wigs in town.
No technical know-how. Needed analogy of recipes or maids or milkman or morons
to link with her wave length..
Many a time with roti-atta embedded in her fingernails and greased aprons.
Uncombed hair in an untidy bun. And wearing a gown. A big NO-NO.
Cracked heels and chipped off nail paint. Eyebrows not done and
dark circles caused by sleepless nights.
She looked so fat and ugly.

Ohh really !! What the bloody hell did this woman do all her life. ?
Such a disgrace, that I need to keep her away from my colleagues and friends.  
Gosh, I wish…….

Dear Family and Friends, that bloody woman too has aged.
Today, she has an aching back, and wobbly knees.And crinky knuckles.
Her blood pressure dips and sugar levels soar.

She never visited a dentist, because she had that ‘’dentist seat phobia’’
and no one had the time to wash away this fear.
Her husband was busy making his office mate comfortable at a dentist.
And, Her kids were too young to help.

She never visited an ophthalmologist, because there was no one to bring her back home,
after those ghastly eye drops used for testing. They made her vision hazy, though temporary.
She could not navigate herself to the comforts of her home.
Her husband was accompanying his office mate to an ophthalmologist.
And, Her kids were too young to help.

She never visited a fashion boutique, because she never knew how or where.
While her husband was busy selecting lingerie,
for his office mate as she tried and preened the varied brands..
And, Her kids were too young to help.

She never visited the neighborhood gym, because she had to cook and clean
and be ready to face the kids when they get back from school.
All this while the husband said he had meetings to attend to and would be back home late.
And, Her kids were too young to help.

That girl in the mirror is a barrel of talent.
The barrel is noticed and condemned.
The talent is over looked and neglected.
Long ago a bundle of happiness was thrown away in a dark corner,
during the transition journey from a young mischievous teenager to a wife then a mother
and so many other what nots.
 That bundle tries to roll over to the fore front, but is mercilessly or maybe carelessly kicked back.
That girl in the mirror is not who she wanted to be.
That girl has been moulded by her circumstances.
Her choice of choosing her family above herself.
Was it her fault ??

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