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‘I have just 9 more months!’.. she thinks

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'I have just 9 more months!’  she tells herself.
Giving her an aura of being at peace. She will complete 50 years of age. Thus starts her second innings.
50th Birthdays are made in heaven. To be distributed to the priceless species on earth. But.. What the hell !! Why is this 50th event so special? Is it because it occurs only once in a 100 years? When it arrives for the second time, its called a centenary.  J Whatever the reason… it is a much awaited one for sure. 'I have just 9 more months.'...  she reminds herself

Now, this woman is definitely not the coy teenager nor a first-time inexperienced harassed mother of a toddler. No more a demure wife, often treated like a doormat. Crossed every bridge, as it approached. Through the course of this journey called life, has braved the ups and the downs of experiences. She has borne the rubs and digs of the snooty-snobs of society. Has learn…