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Three things that I will burn this weekend…..

Three things that I will burn this weekend…..
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
Whoa !! what a weekend it’s going to be. Just the thought is giving me so much of a calm and soothing effect.
Let's see, what’s at the brim of my mind to be burnt, at the behest of this week’s WOW.(Write Over the Weekend)   Hmmmmmm…………………
Ok, so, here goes……
Burn the dance floor. Oh ! What a fantastic Friday Night it would be. To be held in the arms of a person you love. To groove away endlessly to the music which transfers you from the spectacled, straight-faced, duty bound, workaholic secretary to a happy, carefree girl deeply in love. Seems like the DJ knows you are here to rock n roll.
Without caring two hoots to the week gone by or the one which is yet to come. Swaying to the slow beats and progressing to the high tempo-ed  JHINGAA-LA-LA HO types. Leaves you panting and sweating, yet yearning for more and as if on cue, he spins another disc an…