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My Autobiography

My Autobiography
Hi guys…
I am lazing on the banks of a lazy river meandering about the terrains of a hot village in Karnataka.
 My eyes are half open, as I keep a watch on what’s happening around me. The water is lapping at my cheeks, making the heat bearable. The fishes are gossiping about the village women who took a dip in the river to bathe during the early hours of the day. Naughty fishes, I must say. Must be the males… Hehehe… typical..!!
What caught my attention, how-ever, was a young chap in red-checked  boxers, and chappals with the heels worn off, skipping away to the nearest  post box to drop in a letter to his married sister residing in the distant city.
He was sweating profusely, and not a tree in sight to shelter him from the scorching heat. My heart went out to him. ''Poor fellow,'' I thought.
As I continued to laze about, nicely, comfortably, lying in my double bed, very much within my comfort zone, the sights in front of me were not very comfortable.
I witn…