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That Girl in a Mirror

That Girl in a Mirror

She was a caring daughter and a sister. Always helping out her siblings with trivial nick knacks.
Bailing them out. At the beck and call of her parents and elders. A dutiful wife and daughter in law.
And now a mother too. Bound by the hustle bustle of a married life.
She never gave the professional life a daylight break.
Everyone was very okay with this girl in the mirror, as their needs were fulfilled and catered to.

The family and friends basked in the warmth spread around. The years rolled.
The in laws passed on, the children grew up, the families became nuclear.  
The receding hairlines, the greying crescent hair dos, (that much only was left on the balding heads),
Was being a silent witness.

Now, the family wonders: - what the bloody hell did this woman do all her life.?
She has wasted her education. No graphs of professional ladders scaled. No social status with the big-wigs in town.
No technical know-how. Needed analogy of recip…