One Wrong Word

One Wrong Word.

 An urgent situation arose and I needed to rush to Hyderabad on work.
(Perks of being in the Top Management cadre.)
Cancelled attending a friend’s get together.
(It was her first. It was important to her.)

Office admin booked an unearthly early morning flight.
Had to leave home by 3.30 am., to reach the airport by 4.30am.
The flight was scheduled at 5.30am.

             1) Not a penny in my pocket rushed to the nearest ATM past midnight.
The wicked ATM machine refused to give me any money.
Instead, ejected a notification saying, FRAUDULENT CARD !!
I, Begged, Borrowed and Stole, anyway it was past midnight.
Because that’s what fraudsters do!

       2) The lady who resides on the topmost floor of my building closed the main water outlet.
             (Perks of owning a penthouse )
She refused to listen to any pleas. I Needed to Loo, Brush and Bathe… without water !!
Left the house with an unclean feeling, to face a tough day.

       3) Got into an old, dirty and dusty cab. The driver, a grumbler by nature.
Having no time to book for another one, I was forced to bear his tantrums.
Reached the airport, like Good Old Malgudi Days. R.K. Narayan Style.
Now, the driver had no change, and neither did I.
Remember the night’s prowl searching for cash?
Gave away the notes, hoping my day will take a better turn, after a forced charity.


          4)  My flight was delayed by an hour. No comments here.
No energy or enthusiasm left to lament. Even though it was an early morning.

          5) Sat in the boardroom, trying to bring my focus on important official issues,
my mind kept wandering to the itch and the twitch at the places where my toilet roll could not reach. 

           6) Tempers flew,  Patience lost. Huge losses incurred. Everyone spoke. 
No one understood Anyone. Utter Chaos. Wound up the important official meeting without reaching any goals or decisions.

                ''MY WORK DID NOT HAPPEN''  

Totally Dejected, Tired, Sleepy, Hungry, Angry and Frustrated, 
(Note the words beginning with Capitals, to bring in the superlative form.)
Slouched in the back seat of the cab, returning to the airport.

Throwing back my head on the leathered-headrest of the cab seat, 
A  replay of my day's event ran across my tired and depleted mind.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, the movie pieces moved around the blank planes of my brain.

Which piece fits where?  What went wrong?  and Where? 

Just like the thunderbolt, it struck !!
All the pieces fell into place.
But do I believe these things?
Guess... the answer is YES... I DO. 

As the replay goes.....
When I mentioned to my friend, regarding my inability to attend her programme,
And when I ...
''   Cancelled attending a friend’s get together.
(It was her first. It was important to her.)   ''

She Roared...... ''HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME? ''
                          ''I CURSE YOU. ''
                          ''YOU SHOULD NOT COMPLETE YOUR WORK.''

I was flabbergasted then.
and I'm still flabbergastered now.

Today, I'm more convinced that a CURSE takes its course of action without fail.

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