The Little Rose Plant

The  Little Rose Plant

The Little Rose Plant

The relentless downpour refused to hear to my pleas. The skies loved the grey water-laden clouds for company. The dogs howled and let out eerie sounds, in the middle of a stormy night. The lightening flashed, as if, I'm all set for a photo shoot.
The fact being, I'm wrapped in rugs to keep myself warm. I'm in a grey mood too.

Minutes stretched to hours and hours to days and days to weeks.

My Mexican-grass lawns submerged. Creepers fell on the ground along with their supporters. Sturdy old trees, over burdened with the weight of their branches, bowing down with respect to the rains and winds.The only ones seeming happy and not affected are the potted rose plants. The pots held the soil in place, and let the excess water to drain out. Being short shrubs, they stood straight through the deluge. Highly refreshed. Such a pleasure to see them smiling. They made my heart sing, right through my grey moods. They nodded and winked at me, when the winds tried to sway them. 

This set my thoughts thinking. What or how was it that, these shrubs were not affected with the destructions happening in their surroundings? Is it some sort of an in-built mechanisim?   I'm intellingent, yes, but an average botony student. A whirlpool of possibilities churning inside my modest brains. 

And as the density of the downpour reduced, I walked out with my polka dotted umbrella to furthur study the  strong will power of a measely plant. My feet sunk ankle deep into the mushy garden soil under my body weight. The icy rain-spray hit me inspite of my umbrella and the cool breeze blew across my face rejuvinating me and my thoughts. 
What I saw, made me beam.... A big, wide happy smile.

This mysterious red rose plant had numerous rose buds, waiting for the sun to emerge and warm them up to bloom into full fledged beautiful red roses.

This rose plant was like a mother carrying her babies. Nuturing them through nature's fury. Protecting them against the fast and furious rains and winds. The still reddish sepals, covered the rose buds as if they were mother's hands of protection.
Now, as a mother myself, the plant's determination I could relate to and very well understand. I'm sure any parent will. I would forgo all the 5 senses to experience the power to be a mother.
The feelings/senses that flow through are all 21 senses combined into one.The awesomeness is awesome. It takes you through the highs and lows of feelings and emotions. The ties, bonds, love and the insercurities are tightly wound up into one tight ball, which rolls around and takes you thru all the emotions.
Nothing to compare to this roller coaster ride,of being a mother.


Now, no sounds sound eerie. I dont need rugs to keep me warm. I'm never in a grey mood for long. Such a pleasure to see them smiling. They make my heart sing, right through my grey moods. They nod and wink at me.

 The icy rain-spray hits me and the cool breeze blows across my face rejuvinating me and my thoughts. What I see, makes me beam.... A big, wide happy smile.


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