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One Wrong Word

One Wrong Word.

 An urgent situation arose and I needed to rush to Hyderabad on work.
(Perks of being in the Top Management cadre.) Cancelled attending a friend’s get together. (It was her first. It was important to her.)
Office admin booked an unearthly early morning flight. Had to leave home by 3.30 am., to reach the airport by 4.30am. The flight was scheduled at 5.30am.

        1) Not a penny in my pocket rushed to the nearest ATM past midnight. The wicked ATM machine refused to give me any money. Instead, ejected a notification saying, FRAUDULENT CARD !! I, Begged, Borrowed and Stole, anyway it was past midnight. Because that’s what fraudsters do!
       2) The lady who resides on the topmost floor of my building closed the main water outlet.              (Perks of owning a penthouse ) She refused to listen to any pleas. I Needed to Loo, Brush and Bathe… without water !! Left the house with an unclean feeling, to face a tough day.
       3) Got into an old, dirty and dusty cab. …