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The Little Rose Plant

The  Little Rose Plant

The Little Rose Plant

The relentless downpour refused to hear to my pleas. The skies loved the grey water-laden clouds for company. The dogs howled and let out eerie sounds, in the middle of a stormy night. The lightening flashed, as if, I'm all set for a photo shoot.
The fact being, I'm wrapped in rugs to keep myself warm. I'm in a grey mood too.

Minutes stretched to hours and hours to days and days to weeks.

My Mexican-grass lawns submerged. Creepers fell on the ground along with their supporters. Sturdy old trees, over burdened with the weight of their branches, bowing down with respect to the rains and winds.The only ones seeming happy and not affected are the potted rose plants. The pots held the soil in place, and let the excess water to drain out. Being short shrubs, they stood straight through the deluge. Highly refreshed. Such a pleasure to see them smiling. They made my heart sing, right through my grey moods. They nodded and winked at me, when …