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Oh !! My Mornings !!

Hello and a Warm Good Morning. !

Are my mornings really good? I have a story to tell.
Let's take a look.

I have always been a kind of a night animal. Could stay up late nights, right up to the wee hours of the next day. Studying for an exam, last minute revisions, chit-chatting with girl-friends, midnight coffee or maggi, crying/pouring my heart out on the phone to a friend past 12 am, giggling sessions, night out with the notorious lot, it was all under the wraps of the moon and the stars.
It always was. Then, it's no wonder the mornings were fuzzy, cloudy and all dreamy.

During my early teens, this South Indian girl in oiled two plaits had a runny nose or a severely blocked one on a daily basis. To make matters worse, unstoppable bouts of sneezing, caused red and watery eyes, being the reason to be jeered at by classmates.
This brought us to the doorsteps of a series of doctors. All of them simply had just one solution. To get up only after the sun rises and is well…